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From Our Store to Your door for FREE

There may be times when you just can't make it into the pharmacy - so let us come to you ! We will  pickup and deliver your prescription orders straight to your door step for FREE. We pickup and deliver to any location within the 15 mile radius of our store. Restrictions apply if more than 15 miles.


Would you like to know if your location is covered in our service area? Call us

Fast Prescription Services (Transfers and Refills)

If you are tired of waiting in long lines for your prescriptions, give us a try !! We fill prescriptions fast so you can get to the other important things on your list. Transferring your prescriptions to us is quick and easy. Call us or Text us at 775-200-0945 or stop in, tell us about yourself and your current pharmacy and we will take care of the rest ! All major insurance plans accepted.

Time for Refill or Renewal? Whether you take a prescription medicine once a year or every day, you want to be sure to have the medicine you need when you need it. With our No Wait Refill program, we’ll work with you and your doctors to simplify the process of taking your medications correctly.



Just provide us your phone number or email address and prescriptions you want refilled monthly. We will call, text or email you when it's ready !

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